Saturday, April 11, 2015

TEAM: Ukomo Avalanchers (Teraton Team)

Ukomo Avalanchers (Teraton Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

Brutes, the whole lot of them! - Each and every Teraton on the Avalanchers can Slam you with a fantastic Strength. If there is a Teraton near you, you aren't safe, period.

Teleportation - Let's face it, this ability is just cool. Can't hit them in the back, they can move through people--just cool. No one is really an impediment to your movement, just Slam whoever you want, or line up that Score. And removing one of the only ways to remove a Guard from the pitch, Slamming in the back, is GREAT for the Teratons.

Turtles are not Speedy - ... by that I literally mean their Speed is atrocious! Stealing, not their thing. Hey, at least Evading is generally irrelevant.

Scoring is not their thing - You might think that a Skill the same as the Corporation team would work pretty well for you. And it would, if you had a Striker on your team. The Teratons have to make-do with only Jacks for Scoring. You what that usually means, especially if your Jacks don't have any special abilities to help them along? You are stuck with a running game and mediocre tries at the goal.

MVP Recommendations:

The Praetorian - I recommend this guy for any team that needs a Striker. He is just fantastic. The Teratons need a Striker like nobody's business. A player that can Score reliably is just what this team needs!

Nightshade - Another great Striker. Nightshade is, just like the Praetorian, a welcome addition to the team. A player that can Score reliably is just what this team needs! ... wait, have I said that before?

The Ukomo Avalanchers are a fun team to play, no doubt. The Teleport ability is unique and can be a great way to catch an opponent, even a knowing opponent, by surprise. The problem is, if you cannot take out the Scoring portion of the opposing team, you are lost. If, on the the other hand, you can put a few points on the board, keep the ball to yourself, and Slam your opponent into oblivion, you CAN win the game.

C +

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