Saturday, April 4, 2015

TEAM: The Red Planets (Martian Team)

The Red Planets (Martian Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

Gunning 'em Down from Behind - Oh man, is shooting other players in the back fun! Keep the ref away and just fire all day long! Illegal is WAY more fun than I thought it would be.

Coaching Dice - Three starting Coaching Dice is awesome! You going to need them for your Strikers, as their Skill leaves a lot to be desired. And don't underestimate the Guard Slamming, using some Coaching Dice to augment his abilities. Or on the guns! Plus, you are still getting a card with all these dice.

Super Fun - Don't be afraid to just put these "bad boys" out there. The more you are willing to push your luck with them, the more fun you will have. Shoot everyone you can. Go for the impossible Throws, I mean you'll probably miss anyway, so who cares! Play this team with the reckless abandon they deserve!

Breakable - Fragile is a tough ability to get around when you are 50/50 on dice to Dodge--unlike say the Asterians with their ungodly ability to avoid having to make Armor Checks. Try as best as you can to minimize the amount of hitting you take.

Strikers - The Martian Strikers are just nothing special at all. Don't get me wrong, A Safe Pair of Hands is great, but with a Skill as bad a Veermyn, don't expect that to matter a whole lot.

MVP Recommendations:

The Praetorian* - You will need a good Striker that can avoid damage, that is the Praetorian. He excels in Scoring and has A Safe Pair of Hands like the Martian Strikers. He would be the perfect compliment to the team.

*Yes, I know I recommend him a lot. He is just that good!

The Excavator - Here is someone that is just about the opposite of the regular Martian team. The Excavator is a great Guard with the ability to really bring the pain. He would be a nice addition to draw the attention of the opposing coach, and tie him up for a while (the Excavator is difficult to remove). He adds a punch to Slams that the Guards on the Red Planets don't really bring, and are afraid to do due to Slambacks.

Fun, fun, fun. Are they good? Well, I am not saying you can't win with them, but I am saying that shouldn't be your goal in life if you are playing the Red Planets. I really like playing the Martians, even when I don't win with them. I highly recommend them if you are the kind of person that can laugh off a loss and keep going.

C -

... but A + for enjoyment!


  1. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking but I love thee guys. Silly, underhanded, just plain insane in the brain. The ability to reach out and touch someone who thought they were safe, utterly beautiful and trollish at times.

    1. I agree. I love Dreadball no matter who I am using on the pitch, but using the Martians is just SO MUCH FUN!*

      Even though I usually lose! :-)