Sunday, April 5, 2015

TEAM: Skittersneak Stealers (Veer-myn Team)

Skittersneak Stealers (Veer-myn Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

Quick little critter, aren't you? - Having a good Movement stat is one of the most important things positioning in Dreadball. Along with that, the other stat that will get you to where you are going is Speed. Well, the Veer-myn have both in spades! The Strikers and the Guards both are FAST and NIMBLE.

Lightning fast big guys - One very unique trait, that goes along with the advantage above, is the fact that trying to hit a Veer-myn Guard is really hard, especially when compared to other Guards. I mean, their Dodge is unbelievable for a Guard. Hitting them on the back is just barely even an option.

There are rats everywhere! - With so many Strikers, there is almost always a Veer-myn ready to get into position. The minimum on the pitch at the start is 4! Great for getting into the right spot for a Catch, or Throw, or just a Threat Hex.

Why can't I score? - The abundance Strikers is great, until you try to toss the ball in, or to another player. The Skill stat on the Stealers is not good at all. In a league or tournament, try your best to get a Skill boost to average!

MVP Recommendations:

Buzzcut - A hard-hitting Guard is just what this team needs. Buzzcut can keep up, and he can destroy! And although he would elevate any team, being he is some sort of stompy demi-god, he is sorely needed in a team with just average Guards.
Irsala Sephalin - Gotcha!, that in and of itself is plenty to make Irsala are great choice for the Stealers. She also has a better Skill rating than the Veer-myn Strikers. Oh, plus Alert, Steady, and Toxic.

The Skittersneak Stealers are a good team that is quite fun to play. They are fast and nimble, but are frustrating at times. If you would like a team that is balanced, but in one of the weirdest ways possible, then you might enjoy the Veer-myn--they are very good are board control, and ok at Guard-duty, but struggle to Score.

B -

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