Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TEAM: Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor Team)

Locust City Chiefs (Z'zor Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

I can't kill it! - Everyone on the team has Can't Feel a Thing, and that is pretty awesome. The Z'zor Guard is also Steady, so if you don't take him out, you can be be guaranteed that he will punch back hard. In addition, they are also decent at the Dodge. These bugs can be pretty hard to squish!

Jacks of all trades - The Z'zor Jacks are probably who you are going to be leaning on to do most of the heavy lifting. With Slide thrown in for them, the Z'zor Jacks can actually perform a good deal better than the average player. That little extra push for the Slam or Throw can really change the game. And speaking of throwing the ball, they have a better Skill than the Strikers.

Guarded - Even though there is only one of him, the Guard is just great. He should attempt to crack at least one, if not two, skulls every single turn. He is great at the Slam and Slamback and he should focus on killing key pieces. Steady and Can't Feel a Thing on an awesome Guard? Indeed!

Scoring Dilemma - To go for the goal with the Strikers (with their horrible Skill) or to go for the goal with the Jacks (and get one less roll of the dice)? That is a difficult question. I would lean toward the Jacks, but there are a lot of disadvantages in doing so. I think that the better of two bads options is going to direct you on the pitch. Generally, my answer would be "whoever has the ball" should go for the Score, as Throwing seems like a bad option.

Target - Because your single Guard is a linchpin piece on your team, he WILL be a target for any smart player. Be sure you have someone at his side at all times to give the minus to the opponent. You don't want to lose this guy, he is too good.

MVP Recommendations:

Ludwig - Both a thematically and functionally solid choice is Ludwig. Plus, you are the only team that can take him. With is amazing Speed, he will be able to use Slide a lot more. Couple that with a great Movement and Jump, and Ludwig is a version of your normal Jacks turned up to 11!
Nightshade - The Z'zor could definitely use a good Striker. Well, how about one that might actually save your bacon in a pinch too! Dirty Tricks is the major secondary reason to take Nightshade for the Chiefs. The ability to possibly remove someone from the pitch, or game, if used at the right time, can cripple your opponent.

The Locust City Chiefs are an interesting team that can be quite good if you practice with them. You have to be willing to use your Jacks more than you would in a regular DB team, but it can payoff, and catch your opponent by surprise. Focus on moving the ball down the pitch with whoever is closest, and try to score the 1 and 3 point are they are a little easier. And every Rush, try to crush someone using your Guard. A good team, but not for the beginner and not for those easier discouraged.


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