Friday, May 8, 2015

TEAM: Wu-ling Wanderers (Koris Team)

Wu-ling Wanderers (Koris Team)
Just some initial thoughts after the beta test release...

Portals - The portals are just so much fun! They add another layer on the game. Use them to Score. Use them to Slam. Use them to block line of sight. Use them to help guard your back. Use them to clog up your opponent's path. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, Jacks that I can live with... - I love the fact that now, I can use one jack to place a portal, then use another jack to move one space, that becomes one space on the other side, then still Throw the ball. I think this is a huge boon for a jack-heavy team. I finally have some jacks that

Gotcha! - With the two Guards working together, or a Guard and a Jack working together, Gotcha! is fantastically powerful, even if you only have the Strength of a Corporation Guard.

Maybe the four legs work independently? - Movement the same as a Forge Father is never good. Of course, because of the portals this is mitigated a good bit, but it is worth a mention, because... Movement 4 is bad.

One Striker - Want to paint a big target on someone's back? Make them the only Striker on the team. This will be the first person that gets killed on your team, and rightly so. Protect him... or use him as bait. :-)

MVP Recommendations:

I am going to wait on this until I can see the Koris MVP and th other Season 5/6 MVPs are capable of.

I really enjoy playing these guys - I can't wait to have the actual models! They really open up a new level of game play, both you and your opponent. I think that the DB community is going to find a lot of interesting and innovative ways to use them. I might use them in our next league... we will see.

B -
But definitely an "A" for fun factor!


  1. It's been extremely interesting to watch the different teams slowly change and evolve as players put in their input. These guys have a mechanic that could have easily been a game breaker but it was toned down and contained, instead used to pull off complex surprise attacks or a game of hot potato with the ball carrier to make them rather fun to play around with, I can easily see coaches using the portals to their fullest and running their foes utterly bonkers,

    1. I absolutely agree. But the Koris coach has to be mindful, an opposing playing can put those portals to good use too. One lucky (one might say ballsy) jump through one could win the game for a brave non-Koris player.