Saturday, May 23, 2015

MANTIC UPDATE: Dreadball Updates from this week...

This week saw a number of Mantic updates, and a good number of them were for Dreadball! I thought I would hit a few things that I thought were some of the highlights:

The Year of Dreadball Continued... Reveal #5

  • The Season 5 Teams are officially: The Kalyshi, The Convicts, The Mechanites and The Mutants. Perhaps this was common knowledge to some, but I was not sure which teams were going to be Season 5 and which were going to be Season 6, especially after the switching around for Season 4.
  • Free Agent tables for DBO are to include the Free Agents from DBX! I love the idea! These guys are very flavorful and very different than the standard "player from team X" normally on the tables.
  • The new MVPs are going to be fun!
  • And finally, a link to a Kickstarter updates page that showed off some pics, the best of which was the Koris! Most likely playing them in the next league--they are too much fun on the pitch!

Player Manual... Reveal #6

The Sponsors, the DBO players included... this is where DBX really begins! I believe that the Player Manual is the thing that is going to break Dreadball Xtreme wide open. I have friends who really enjoy DBX, but the limited number of options put them off. "Just wait...", I said. Now here it is! Options galore!

  • Variable Pitches are just an awesome idea! I love these and what they could bring to the game. 

  • Riot Foam, Force Pulse and Zzzzzap! traps usable by the Sponsors sounds great! I believe DBX might overtake DBO as the standard by next year.
  • Medi-bots, I am curious as to how these will work. They look great though.

  • Multi-player DBX games! and Giants!

A great week of announcements. I think that Dreadball Xtreme is going to explode in the next few months! The way it sounds, it is going to be a riot to play and leagues are going to be awesome.

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