Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TACTICS: Dealing with difficult teams... the Nameless

In my opinion, there are three monster teams to fear across the Pitch from you in Dreadball: The Rebs, The Nameless, and the Convicts. These three teams are really tough nuts to crack, and usually have the upper hand from the moment the ball is launched. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and dealing with them can be nigh impossible without a plan... so, let's make one!

The Nameless

The original boogeymen and rightfully so! There is not a player slot wasted on this team. Both Guards have their purposes, one for Threatening and one for Slamming. And the Strikers are just plain great at moving the ball down the Pitch, and pretty good at scoring to boot! What should we do?

  1. Don't panic. The players might be from disparate races that resemble ancient deities worshiped in the dark recesses of mankind's undreamt past, but the coach is still human (probably). Watch for openings, he can't protect all scoring lanes and go after your players too. Take careful note of the positioning of Guards, it might tell you where he is aiming for on your team. Pray to your own gods that the dice do not favor him. ;-)
  2. If you are a squishy team, try to stay 6 or so hexes away from the Hard Guard. He can Dash for 6, but most coaches won't risk it. If you stay 6 away, then he will probably be using 3 Actions for an attempt at a Slam. One (maybe two) to get the Sticky Guard in place. Then one for a Hard Guard move. Then another to Slam. 
  3. Keep the pressure on the other coach to score. If you have a fast and decently skilled team, score. Then score again. Concentrate on the point total and keep the pressure on. If the opposing coach is playing catch-up, he has less time to be killing your players.
  4. If you are a bashy team, kill the Hard Guards. Team up and put them in the dirt. Do everything you can to take them out of commission. They only have a 5+ Speed, and if you can get behind them and/or them one or two dice down, you can at least send them off the Pitch. It might seems smarter to go for the Sticky Guards, but they have a 4+ Speed for a better Dodge, and they are only Movement 4, so less versatile. The smart money is on taking out the Hard Guards. I would be willing to entertain arguments for focusing on one of the other two positions if you think you have a good reason though.   
  5. Clog up the entire 3-4 back line. Leave the 1-2 point scoring zones open if you have to, but protect the back field. This will slow their advance tremendously.
  6. Don't panic.

Well, there's a start to playing against the boogeymen... next installment, those pesky Rebels!

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